Edgey Shop

The best permanent spoofer in the market.

How can I know if my device is supported?

Check if your motherboard is supported by checking here.

Does it require formatting my PC?

Yes, it requires a windows reinstall and a full format.

Is the hardware spoofing permanent?

It is permanent unless you do a full windows reinstall.

What Windows versions does it support?

It supports all every windows version except Windows 11.

Can my PC break or get bricked in the process?

No, there isn't any risk of your pc getting bricked or broken.

Can the spoofer be detected by anti-cheats?

No, upon sucessful spoof we wipe every software traces.

Will I need to open a file at start up?

No, since all serials get changed permanently.

Is Raid0 a requirement to use the spoofer?

No, Raid0 allocation is not a requirement to spoof.